Bisera Djundeva

Bisera Djundeva


Once upon a time,

Beneath the California sun

A group of writing campers

Were asked to conjure papers—

Profiles—of their peers.


Two girls among these campers,



Seekers of numerous answers,

By chance, who knows?

Drew lots, only

To discover

Each others’ names.


And so it goes,

Dear reader,

If patience you possess,

Marin Reeve’s profile on Bisera,

You shall find,

With success.

Bisera Djundeva is that phenomenal balance between passive and aggressive; she’s not one to be preyed upon but is also a far cry from predatory. Her disposition, in fact closely resembles that of the leaf-eating brontosaurus, a creature of a peaceful and humble affectation despite its strength and capability. Just as a brontosaurus, supported by four massive legs, is physically sturdy, Bisera, supported by a belief in the goodwill of humanity, is internally sturdy. The brontosaurus’s intimidating size ensures its protection, just as Bisera’s abnormally large heart ensures hers. But the comparison doesn’t go as far as physical appearance. Bisera is much prettier and more delicate than the homely brontosaurus, though she is tall.

Bisera admits to being selfless—her idea of fun is to participate in and create various service projects within her community, her idea of the ideal vocation is to help society through the charitable work of a non-governmental organization—and she rationalizes it with the faith that the universe will be equally generous towards her. She believes in karma. And not even this translates to any type of selfishness, but to a type of courage, for it takes bravery to believe that everything will work itself out at the end of the day, to believe that the one who does everything for others and nothing for herself will not be forgotten in the grand scheme of things. She says that can be harrowing, it can be a bad thing, it can be too naïve. “I have too much belief in the goodness of people,” she laments. I suppose, like anything else, there’s a balance to be achieved between the extremes, between selfishness and selflessness, and Bisera just happens to be on the side of that balance that nobody else is on. It’s a very brave way to live, but if Bisera’s rosy cheeks and perpetually pleasant expression are any indication, it seems to be alright.

Articles written by Bisera:

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