Veronica Marcinschi

Veronica MarcinschiVeronica Marcinschi was born on September 5, 1992 in Moldova. As a high school student, she travelled to the United States on a student exchange program, an experience which undoubtedly gave form to her dream to explore the world, get acquainted with and learn from different people, and thus find new things about herself. Having finished her second year of the BA program, she considers her student life as a proliferation of the learning experience begun so long ago. Although in many ways distinct, her life as a student at ECLA of Bard still abides within the same urge to embark upon the journey to new intellectual and creative realms. Her studies at the university focus mainly upon Art and Literature, which, together with other disciplines and language classes, constitute the hallmarks of her education at ECLA of Bard. Although sensing a loss in not having been able to pursue a formal music education before, Veronica delights in the possibility to nourish her interest in music by being a university choir member. Ready to address challenges and take on eye-opening ventures, she is much enthusiastic about sharing her observations and experiences.

Articles written by Veronica:

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