Alchesay Rinaldi Castro

Alchesay full“Alchesay (pronounced Ahshesay) Rinaldi Castro was born in trying circumstances: an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.  As a result, she was born neither white nor black: she was blue, and it took a slap on the butt to normalize her color to something vague. As a result, she’s been identified as Indian, Moroccan, Algerian, Latino, North African, and ___. She identifies as ___. Her interests include the politics of race, class, and gender, economics, music and film, and indigenous rights. She enjoys pasta, pesto, food grown with pesticides, and stories of homicide, patricide, matricide and regicide.”
Osman Ali Chaudhry


Articles written by Alchesay:

  • A Discussion On Black Aesthetics and Advice for Prospective Curators: A Master Class with Kerry James Marshall
  • ”Godot waits.” An interview on Whole Earth Blind
  • Waiting
  • Pizzicati
  • Manifest Destiny, or Simply, Cause and Effect, Cause and Effect, Cause and…