About Us

Welcome to Die Bärliner!

The Bard College Berlin Student Blog began in the fall of 2012, motivated by the desire to translate our experiences (academic and the non) to a broader audience. In the spirit of authenticity, Die Bärliner is student-led and the content entirely student generated. Actually, first-person student accounts have always been essential to the vibrancy of our community, and, besides the ongoing documentation, you can find on the blog student voices who share their experiences of previous years at our college. The result is a constellation of unique perspectives all coinciding upon the single event that is Bard College Berlin.

We invite guests to peruse our archives as they will find articles ranging from a foreigner’s account of their initial impressions of German culture to an intimate look at Bard College Berlin’s seminars. All contributions seek to give our readership a proper insight into how we balance the demands of academic responsibility with the necessity of cultural enrichment. However, our blog extends beyond such a universally applicable struggle (what college student doesn’t wrestle with this?), as we unabashedly infuse our accounts with our own cultural background. Seeing that dozens of nationalities comprise our small student body, Die Bärliner boasts a meaningful array of novel perspectives on seemingly familiar topics.

So please join us as we share our adventures and findings as Bard College Berlin students. Happy reading!


Editors: Vala Schriefer, Zoë Knable

Contributors: Ruby Devoe, Luzia Zanardi, Leyla Cubukcuoglu

Logo drawing by Isobella Grubb-Kovach (Begin in Berlin, 2018/19)

Blog Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief: Chelsea Anderson-Long