Benjamin Sivo

BenjaminI was born in 1994 in Budapest which was a pretty influential event in my life. I have always loved watching films but only really dug deep into them when I saw Milos Forman’s 1984 film, Amadeus at the age of 7 (followed by a lot of Disney features of course). Much later on I began to try to incorporate these viewing impressions in my own filmmaking. My relationship with music, though it’s not in the focus of my academic studies at the moment, is equally important to me in the act of writing music as well as working on films. Movie watching is rarely a solitary experience. Surely, solitude often helps to achieve an authentic intimacy with a movie but most of us can’t go without discussing what we just saw. Films inherently influence our lives. We make films of how we live or would like to live and we live how it’s exemplified in films. In my work for the blog I’d like to explore the diverse opinions on film in the equally diverse context of our school and our beloved city, Berlin.