Jude Macannuco


Jude is a recently arrived transfer student at Bard College Berlin. He loves left-wing politics, philosophy, and most forms of writing. Though born and raised in Boston (coincidentally, he went to high-school with fellow blogger and BCB student Claire August), Jude studied abroad for one year in Italy during his high school career. This year of profound learning and pontification helped Jude develop his academic interest in philosophy and his fascination with politics. It also initiated an ongoing perseveration on language, both foreign and native to him. You can find Jude most days at the Rewe down the street, enjoying their surprisingly tasty Milchkaffee and 1,50 euro chicken legs.

Articles Written by Jude:


  • Pride Aesthetics: A Foray into Christopher Street Day
  • The Artlessness of Disagreement
  • The Ideology of Irma