Manon Ayçoberry

ManonFeeling both insecure and uncomfortable writing about myself, I have asked five of my dearest friends to do it for me. It turns out that I have a weakness for fancy and expensive food, that I have messy “but cool” hair, that I speak too fast and laugh too loud, that I like writing on walls, doors, mirrors – well, objects that don’t necessarily belong to me, and that I screw up my budget by buying disposable cameras and bus or train tickets for anywhere in the world. I am really not sure that the results of this experiment suit me in any way, but I actually don’t know what else I can add. Except maybe this: that I try to live my life following my favourite Henry James quote: “It’s time to live the life you’ve imagined” – which is actually way harder than I thought.

Manon Ayçoberry is the curator of the Kulturwurst for the year 2015 / 2016.