Flavia Tienes

Flavia TienesMy name is Flavia Tienes and I have been part of the Bard College Berlin community since August this year. I am a first-year student in the B.A. in the Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought. I come from a small village located 20 kilometers away from the beautiful German city of Cologne. Since I’ve always dreamt of living in my country’s capital, I am very excited to study at Bard College Berlin. I am looking forward to write about my experiences as a student and about various events in the big city.

Age: 18 Years
Hometown: Overath
Hobbies: Yoga, Dancing, Writing, Soccer
Desired Superpower: Flight
Childhood Hero: Pipi Longstocking
My biggest weakness: Addiction to Kinder Schoko-Bons

If I could only have one thing on a desert island, it would be: Paper and Pencils
Favorite Poet: Heinrich Heine
Future Plans: Be a writer and travel the world


Articles written by Flavia:

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  • Say Yes to Berlin: The Circle of (Big City) Life
  • Be aware of what you share – the NSA is always there
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  • Say Yes to Berlin!