20 Reasons to Tell Them

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Credit: Adam Diaz (Wikipedia)

To know more about this project, please check out the first collaborative list, 20 Reasons to Run Away and Never Come Back, found here.

20 Reasons to Tell Them

  1. Because I need to practice my speaking skills
  2. Because my distress has made me feel less like a human and more like a slug
  3. Because I want her to know
  4. Because his voice is filled with silver, his body filled with anniversaries
  5. Because I never want to forget
  6. Because I need to stop pretending that I will live forever
  7. Because they might not know that you’re totally into building model trains and become your friend
  8. Because I’ve always had enough reasons and that’s reason enough
  9. Because we were so unfounded in the dark
  10. Because why waste the money if I don’t really want to be here?
  11. Because I need to maintain my own idea of me among so many ideas of me
  12. Because my roommates might stop stealing my milk
  13. Because hurting your friend’s feelings for a short amount of time is better than letting her out of the house looking like that
  14. Because one day you might not have the words
  15. Because they might try to understand your depression better so they can know how to help you
  16. Because it makes me tear up, which feels good
  17. Because they might be into BDSM as well
  18. Because this could remind me that my voice is worthy of being heard
  19. Because they might agree and everyone likes agreeing on things
  20. I’ve got no reason at all. I’m completely unreasonable
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