Alexandra Huff

Alexandra Huff is a fourth-year Literature and Rhetoric student in the Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought program. She’s interested in performance and narrative theory and politics in the US South. Alexandra was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

Alexandra’s articles:

  • Abortion and Women’s Rights: A Conversation with Patty Zegarra
  • From the Archives: Electoral Politics
  • Reflecting on the Lecture Series on Popular Sovereignty
  • The Disturbing History of Bradley Epley, an ICE Agent Involved in the Shooting of Jose Fernando Andrade-Sanchez
  • Talking to Boris Vormann about the Future of Work
  • Germany’s General Strike and the Future of Care Work
  • What the #Cabeza9 Can Teach Us About the US Mexico Border
  • Institutional Racism in an “It City”: How Nashvillians Fought for Community Oversight of the Police Department (and Won)
  • “The city will always pursue you”