Claire Pohunkova

Claire PohunkováClaire Pohunková is 1st-year student at Bard College Berlin. Originally from the Czech Republic, Claire likes to think of herself as of a European with an international spirit. Having lived for a couple of months in Spain, Germany, and France accounts for the first one, whereas her participation in countless international youth projects enabled her to make friends all over the world and thus the latter. Her biggest passions are traveling and learning foreign languages. In the future, she would like to be engaged in international politics, although no other options are excluded – she can easily imagine working in the music business or as a journalist, as she has experience with and finds joy in both. During her time at high school, she would be out of the country because of studying abroad half of the time; when at home, she would usually spend her precious free time at debating tournaments, political simulations, student projects and international seminars, music and cultural events or typing in front of her computer. At Bard College Berlin, she is looking forward to typing for the blog, being part of the choir and the German Club, meeting interesting people, wandering around the city discovering new places and enjoying Berlin’s rich cultural scene. Her favorite spot on campus is Stefan Will’s cafeteria because a) he is a god when it comes to cooking, b) she loves food, c) it is a heaven for vegetarians, and d) it is a hub where you will run into all of the Bard College Berlin students and staff alike from time to time.

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