ECLA Alumna Directs ‘The Snowman’ on the ECLA Campus

ECLA Alumna Directs the SnowmanAs guests entered the teaching building at ECLA this Sunday, they were presented with two plates of food: one filled with apples and the other with peanuts.  This was not just a Sunday evening snack, but was meant quite literally to be food for thought: it was the opening of ECLA alumna Adina Scortescu’s (AY 2004-2005, Romania) production of the Romanian play The Snowman (in an English translation).  Actors Brindusa Birhala (ISU 2005, Romania) and Sofiya Skachko (AY 2004-2005, Ukraine) performed in the main roles of the play, which explores loneliness in contemporary society.  Lucian Cosinchi (AY 2004-2005, Romania) performed music as part of the performance.

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