Ella McLeod

ellaWith an entirely black outfit and bright red lipstick, upon first glance Ella reminded me of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction. But unlike Mia who is pent up in her million-dollar house forced to throw away her aspirations, Ella has huge dreams that stretch way beyond her quiet demeanor. Coming from a public middle school to a private high school, Ella has a unique perspective, which she shares in the Urban School Newspaper. It is here where she enjoys telling us how our school is slowly turning into University. She tells us to fight back and open our eyes as Urban moves farther from its roots. Her opinion pieces like “New rules chain down The Urban School” push the limits. They not only reveal the truth, but bend it so we are forced to agree with her. Either by revealing the truth or distorting it, it is obvious Ella’s knowledge of both extends way beyond her love for the T.V. show Mad Men. She seems to have a unique ability to make us believe what she is saying which can’t even be taught by Don Draper himself. Sure, she hopes to be remembered for her light heartedness, but don’t be surprised if one day you see her on the cover of Time Magazine revealing the identity of the Zodiac Killer, or as the mastermind of a witty slogan for a new pair of socks. The headline on the magazine might even read “Who the hell got us to buy these socks?”
Ella did. (by Harrison Golding)




Articles written by Ella:

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