Faces of Nepal

I am a third-year ECLA student, and I am currently in Nepal since the end of last September, interning as a photojournalist. I am intrigued by the Nepali culture and its people, so I never forget to carry my camera with me wherever I go. There is always something wonderful to witness and discover in this country!

Nepal’s landscape is diverse, and so are the cultures, religions, and ethnicities of the people who inhabit it. Nepal borders Tibet on the North and India on the South, East and West. From the point of view of population, Nepal is a mix of Mongols and Aryans. It is very rewarding to see people looking extremely different holding hands during various religious and cultural celebrations. Nepal’s harmony is incomparable and just overwhelms me personally, as someone who comes from a region where fear and tension are growing among people of the same race and religion (Tunisia).


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