[Kulturwurst #9] April 12-18 : Bus Crash, Everyday life in the GDR and Biodiversity

Theatre on Sunday, Dance on Monday, History on Tuesday, Film on Wednesday, Painting on Thursday, Mother Earth on Friday, Comics on Saturday… Find what suits you best in this 9th Kulturwurst !


 Sunday 12th : Roberto Succo

Roberto-Zucco_2At the age of 19,  Roberto stabbed his mother and his father, a police officer, who had refused to lend him their car. He then escaped, hiding his parents’ bodies in the bathtub covered in water and lime to delay the discovery of the murders. After having spent a few years in a psychiatric prison, escaped and committed many more murders, he ended up being considered Public Enemy number one by France, Italy, and Switzerland.

You can imagine that writing a play based on the life and crimes of Mr. Succo would create quite a scandal…but that’s what Bernard-Marie Koltès, one of the most incredible playwright of the 20th century, did in 1990. His play was first performed in Berlin, and comes back home this week-end, staged by a Finnish group of theatre students (but with English subtitles ;) ).

Time : 20:00

Place : Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15

How to get there from campus : Take the M1 to Eberswalder Strasse (travel time : 20min)

Price : 8€ 

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 Monday 13th : Part of You 

66633243First opened as a ballroom in 1863, Ballhaus Naunynstraßeand is now a focal point for artists who position themselves as migrants or “post-migrants”, at the heart of the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. Next week, the dancers of Grupo Oito will show their new production, Part of You, a performance that investigates the effects of increasing surveillance and control on our bodies and our perception of space. In our Iphone/Laptop/GPS society, what are our freedoms made of and are we prepared to give them up ? That’s one of the question raised by the group. Premiere on Monday, and each following evening until Saturday.

Time : 20:00

Place : Ballhaus Naunynstraße Naunynstr. 27

How to get there from campus : Take the Bus 150 to Osloer Strasse and the U8 to Kottbusser Tor (40min)

Price : 8€ 

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 Tuesday 14th : Daily routine in the GDR
Beier_DDRIf you want to learn more about the GDR, you can go to the private DDR Museum and pay a 7€ entry fee… or choose the free alternative : a permanent exhibition entitled Everyday life in the GDR is hosted by the Museum in the Kulturbrauerei (a beautifully restored brewery, with its red brick walls and chimneys), and entry is free for everyone. “From idyllic countryside dacha to work canteen and Bautzen prison: the exhibition shows the gap between the expectations of the SED-regime and the real living conditions of the people in the GDR.” A variety of original objects, documents, film and sound recordings will take you on a journey through time…  (if you would rather go on Sunday, there is also a street-food market at the Kulturbrauerei !).

Time : 10:00-18:00

Place : Museum in the Kulturbrauerei|Knaackstraße 97 

How to get there from campus : Take the M1 to Eberswalder Strasse (20min)

Price : 0€

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  Wednesday 15th : Achtung ! 
ach15__Plakat_wwwkleinA variety of genres and themes, a combination of local, artistic, low-budget films and award-winning productions, motion pictures, documentaries and short films : welcome to Berlin’s third biggest film festival ! Achtung Festival focuses on films produced or shot in Berlin-Brandenburg. The festival opens on Wednesday night with the Premiere of Icons of Light by Christian Moris Müller (with subtitles): “Katharina and Steffen seem to have it all: well-payed jobs, a loving relationship and a spectacular apartment. But then they decide to perform a radical change: They’re going to extinguish all traces of their existence in order to start over.” You will find the program for the whole week here.

Time : 20:00

Place : Kino International Karl-Marx-Allee 33 

How to get there from campus : Take the Bus 150 to Osloer Strasse and the U8 to Jannowitzbrücke (40min)

Price : 15€ for the opening film, 7€ for all other films. 

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 Thursday 16th : BISKY, BALAGAN, BÖTZOW

Norbert_Bisky_Masse_2013-15_c_NBisky_Foto_Ulf_BueschlebUnlike the elegantly restored Kulturbrauerei, the Bötzow brewery has been abandoned and forgotten during many years. But this time is over ! Bought in 2010 by a wealthy German businessman, it is now being reconverted in a hype and trendy artistic centre. Even if the architecture and the interior design already make it worth visiting this surprising building, the current exhibition Balagan should achieve to convince you.

German artist Norbert Bisky spent three months in Tel-Aviv and came back with compositions painted especially for the exhibition space of the Bötzow. The artworks created during this time are devoted to urbanity, feelings of impenetrability regarding our real and virtual living environments. This installation of a bus crash could help you guess the meaning of the enigmatic exhibition title…Balagan can mean confusion and chaos as well as partying and exuberance !

Time : 15:00-20:00  

Place : Bötzow Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 242

How to get there from campus : Take the M1 to Pankow and the U2 to Senefelderplatz (30min)

Price : 0€

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 Friday 17th : Genesis
10425391_10152749452836088_8387470484482465615_nThis is the first time that Sebastião Salgado’s work is presented in Germany, so you can expect a crowded opening. 245 breathtaking black & white photographs taken within the space of eight years and 32 journeys undertaken all over our world. “Sebastião Salgado documents the stunning beauty and rich diversity of intact flora and fauna, as well as indigene peoples, a visual homage to the blue planet”.

Two other very interesting exhibitions are also on display at the C/O, Distance and Desire: Encounters with the African Archive and Kunst, Freiheit und Lebensfreude. 

Time : 19:00

Place : C/O Berlin, Amerika Haus, Hardenbergstr. 22-24

How to get there from campus : Take the 150 to Osloer Str. and then the U9 to Zoologischer Garten (40 min)

Price : 0€ for the opening (5€ otherwise)

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 Saturday 18th : Comic Invasion !

10982191_865617213497365_6037184958272735327_nA huge comic exhibition, book signings, comic contest, presentations, concerts (OMP and Susanna Berivan), food trucks… A new edition of the Berlin Comics Festival is held next week-end at Urban Spree in Friedrichshain, and it’s all free ! Since March 27th and until the end of the month, a number or satellite events are also organized all around Berlin, check out the program here.

Time : Saturday and Sunday, all day long

 Place : Urban Spree Revaler Str. 99

How to get there from campus : Take the M1 to Hackescher Markt and the S75 to Warschauer Strasse (45min) 

Price :0€

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