Madison Christ

Madison ChristMadison Christ was born November 18th, 1995 in Tualatin, Oregon. After living in California for twelve years, she moved back to Oregon with her family and spent the last two years in Portland. This year, Madison is a first year Bard student coming to Germany for the first time and studying abroad at Bard College Berlin. Madison aspires to one day become a novelist and some of her passions include writing plays and short stories as well as reading just about anything that comes her way, particularly anything related to Gaelic folklore. Madison’s desire to travel and experience different parts of the world took form by spending her summer after graduating high school travelling through England and Greece, though one day she hopes to visit many other European countries and countries throughout Asia as well. She believes that through travelling one can better understand the world and through writing one can better understand oneself.

Articles written by Madison:

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