My Induction into the Teenage Cliche: A poetry series


Laura Kuhn 1
Fall scene. Credit: Valerii Tkachenko

A poem to the boy who owes my heart some heavy-duty patches, and soon, before it heals all crooked

For awhile you were happiness

A type I had never tasted before

Somehow familiar –

like nutmeg and cinnamon,

fragrant and warm –

But somehow,

with laughter


a body and soul

Your taste was new

This happiness was …



You were like sunshine

that breaks the winter clouds

to kiss a smile onto the cold lips of those passing by

Never would those lips question your motives.

No one asks the Sun



Somehow, we had met already

When I held your hand in mine

and let my fingertips

glide along the surface of your palm

reading the story etched there, in those lines

I forgot whose skin was my own

Lost in a language no one speaks

never learns

Yet everyone knows


The language of silence

Demands no words



it was your eyes that promised galaxies

Your smile that reminded me of honey.

You made me believe I was grasping infinity


Now, it seems

that your smile was too sweet

that your eyes promised too much


You were too kind:

You held me close

telling me I was “beautiful”

that what we had was “magical”

To not be scared

That the last thing you wanted was to hurt me

Telling me you cared


In your arms I closed my eyes

I was blissfully, willfully blind

As you fed me on a diet of lies


You were soda pop:

Too sweet to be healthy

And artificially bright

The fizzing bubbles of our conversation –

your words –

empty of substance

unbearably light


The taste of your memory, now,

in my mouth is bitter

You taste of metallic sadness:

You are unfamiliar.




Don’t confuse broken feelings

or your ruffled feathers

with broken wings

Nor let the pain dragging you down today

keep you from falling in love again

and again


I promise you’ll rediscover the edge of love’s cliff

And, when you do stand there once more,

Not quite ready to jump,

Thinking “What if…?”

Think not of the ground below

But of the sky:

the possibilities it holds

The blue —

infinitely wide


I promise you’ll touch it

That, one day, it will catch you mid-stride


Next time!

Next time, the sky will catch in your wings

and buoy you up high


Next time, it will catch you


Don’t ask me how

Don’t ask me why


A poem for You

I have found happiness

Or maybe it found me




Happiness is looking up

at the trees in autumn

Seeing the teetering of multihued leaves

on the brink of falling

from all they have known

to the waiting, solid ground below


It is smiling at strangers passing by

Sharing the little bit of sunshine

we all have inside

A silent exchange –

no words required


It is dancing alone

and off-beat

in your room, in your underwear:

Just moving your feet


It is dark chocolate,

or milk chocolate

(whichever you like best)

Savouring most of its warmth

then sharing the rest


It is star-gazing



and first kisses

It is an undying belief

in the power of birthday wishes


It is laughing so hard

you begin to cry


It is knowing who loves you,

and not needing to know why


It is here to discover

You are here for it to find

All you have to do is look closely,

but, mostly,

Don’t hide




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