Rome Trip Preparations Begin

Although most of the week will take place in Rome, two separate day trips to Florence and Tivoli are being planned. In preparation for the trip, guest professors Federico Berti and Horst Bredekamp will give lectures on February 2 and February 9, respectively. Berti’s lecture is entitled, ‘Artistic Patronage in Florence: The Medici’ while Bredekamp will discuss ‘the Symbology of Piazza della Signoria in Florence’.

This is the third consecutive year that a trip to Rome has been incorporated into the academic calendar. The trip complements work done in the classroom with an onsite exploration of political and art history.

Temperatures in Berlin dropped to the negative teens this week and with more snow forecasted over the next few days, it’s no wonder that ECLA students are looking forward to spending the last week of Winter semester in Rome. While Dirk Deichfuss and Aya Soika are the main coordinators of this year’s trip, all faculty will offer daily excursions once in Rome and students are taking an active role in the logistics planning.

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