Some Thoughts on Love

Some thoughts on love 
Some thoughts on affection 
I work my way up into no expectations 
And coax away the need for labels 
When I stare at your hand resting across the dinner table, 
And notice the fine scars across some shape of a palm 
That could belong to anyone 
But because it’s not anyone, I wouldn’t be wrong In saying that I wish for a vague mesh of skin 
A grafted compulsion of a pulsing human bond. 

I meet others in the middle, and that requires pursuit. I send out my tendrils to feel what could be good. And inching across the desert like lizards and skeletons of cows laid bare in the sand,
I can pretend that forever in-love is something I can understand When I know that I do not want to be your 
One nerve palpitation among beautiful throngs, 
I do not want to own you, or likewise 
I just want to know you a long long time.
And we twist our roots together 
For sensations to depart 
That at once become indifferent to thundering hearts And now focus their gentle pressure on the keep The power-outage peace 
Of the inevitable decline of bodily pleasure. 

Yensen LeBeau is a second year student studying ethics and politics. He enjoys writing, drawing, and sometimes paying attention in class. Last year he attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, studying film.

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