The Aural Manual

You slowly approached the middle of the room on a warm desert night. The air is warm and dry. You can feel particles of sand moving around your ankles as a slight breeze pushes past you every now and then.  In the sandstone floor there is a small depression in the form of a ring. Your Ancestors have walked through the ritual for many thousands of years, so that the floor has taken the shape of the rhythmic shuffling of their feet. 

You stand in the exact middle of the room and gaze upwards. The roof forms a circular hole right above the center where you are standing, so that the twin moons glow shines into the room at night. You have waited for the full moons to cradle each other. One moon ascending and one moon diminishing they form a ring, which looks so fragile, it seems like it could break apart any second.

Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes and stretch out your arms. The palm of one hand pointing upwards towards the sky and one downwards ,you slowly slide your left foot backwards, down into the circle. You can feel the ground getting smoother as you move your foot into the depression.

You align your foot with the curve of the circle and can feel your body slightly tensing in anticipation of movement. You start moving to the rhythm of your heartbeat, slowly shuffling your feet through the depression and turning around yourself, at the same time moving in a backwards motion. After a few rotations you feel yourself getting dizzy. You have gotten used to falling over while practicing this dance many times.

Focus on your breath. Slowly let your breath circulate, breathing out for a longer amount of time than you breathe in. repeat this until you feel an initial calmness within yourself. 

Move your feet one after the other through the ring. Trust your body and move as slow as you want. Precise movement is more important than speed. Keep repeating this until you feel comfortable.

Feel the ripples and sharp edges in your aura

Feel the location of these disruptions. Move your mind from your forehead to your throat, further down to your solar plexus into the center of your stomach down to your legs and root yourself in the ground beneath your feet.

Focus your breath into the disrupted space. 

Every breath that leaves your body cleans your aura.

Small breaths of clean air enters your body and a long breath outwards leaves your aura behind a little bit smoother.

Let the ripples and edges slowly evaporate. 

Bring the focus of your breath back to your entire body and the circular movement.

Keep going like this for a while. Then move on to the next step 

Breathe, into your stomach, until you feel it stretching slightly.

Breathe out a few seconds longer than your inward breath, empty your lungs and hold it there.

Count to three.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in and feel the energy of the moons and the stars filling you slowly. Your aura starts to glow with a silver light and the natural hue of your aura. The moon is only the conduit. You are infinite and you are truly sublime. Keep your focus. No conscious thought beyond this point. Can you feel your soul opening like a flower, right behind the base of your skull, in your neck? The petals are stretching towards the night sky, like a sunflower towards the sun, the stem enveloping your throat in a lover’s embrace and twisting upwards around your temples and your forehead.

You begin to glow in the night, stretching your aura until it envelops not just yourself but the entire area around you as well. The dry wind of the desert drags over your face and body, the particles of sand slightly scratch your face. Had anyone been close enough they would have noticed a play of lights and colors in the night sky.

Hours and hours pass as you twist and spin around yourself. Suddenly a tingling sensation spreads across your mind. You have reached the abyss. Past experiences start to rain down upon you. Your first ancestor, an ancient particle, a witness to the beginning of existence, your parents and everything, every being that existed in between. Silver petals spread out over the floor, covering the yellow, pale sandstone almost completely as you feel a wave of warmth washing over your body from head to toe. And still you do not stop moving. Dizziness fills your mind as waves of warmth wash over your body. 

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