Thibault Berlingen

Thibault_225x300When introducing myself, I have to make a choice between my first name – which gives away that I am French and whose spelling is an interesting challenge for every American I’ve met here – and my last name, which sounds German despite being Belgian, and which I have always held as a prophecy telling me to come and live in this city. I am Thibault Berlingen, 20, exchange student for a year at Bard College Berlin, and very excited about discovering the world of liberal arts, as well as the infinite possibilities offered by Berlin’s cultural and artistic life. Following the words of an old French playwright (Jules Renard), “We want life in the theater and theater in life,” I usually try to put as much theatre in my everyday life as possible. I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to very modestly share good addresses and suggestions of events happening each day of the week, and to help people from campus make the most of their experience in Berlin.

Thibault is the curator of Kulturwurst, a weekly newsletter of Berlin recommendations.

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