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Photo Essay: What’s On Your Shelf?

As intelligent and emotional (well, for the most part) beings, we humans tend to hold on to things. We collect objects that remind us of places, people and experiences – or in some cases, even ourselves. In college, however, the physical load of things we keep is significantly reduced. What is it then that college students keep in their rooms – and more interestingly – display on their shelves? One of the common phrases, of unknown origin, says that we can learn a great deal about someone by looking at their living space. The truth of this saying I leave for you to determine. All I can say is that the heterogeneity of our students’ shelves definitely lives up to the diversity of their cultures, backgrounds and personalities.


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  1. Paul says: October 20, 201310:43 pm

    Calvé Peanut butter! The best peanut butter in the world–and a dead giveaway of a Dutchie xx

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