Festival of Lights 2013: Berliner Dome. Game of lights spiced with Latino music.

Festival of Lights 2013

Berlin truly is a city that never ceases to enchant and mesmerize. Last night, Unter den Linden was full of wandering eyes and tripods of all sizes. What exactly were we all trying to capture on our cameras? A light spectacle? Or a moment in the city’s life that in some way belonged to us––a lost part from within that was now found without? Perhaps Berlin grows on some of us so much that it becomes an inextricable part of our being. It might have been a piece of Berlin we were trying to steal––one that can remain forever.

Composer Franz von Suppe once said: “Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du musst nach Berlin.” (“You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.”) Maybe all of us here are indeed slightly crazy (not to mention emotionally dependent on the city). Still, somewhere deep inside, I do feel that to truly “live and breathe” Berlin, a little craziness might be exactly what you need. Anything extra is just a bonus single on an already great soundtrack.

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