A Look Back at the Smolny Student Conference (podcast)

St. Petersburg is home to many beautiful things, including (debatably) the world’s most beautiful metro system, delicious Slavic food, and, of course, the Smolny Faculty of Liberal Arts at the University of St. Petersburg. This past April 19th to the 21st, Smolny generously hosted the sixth annual Student Conference in St. Petersburg. Representatives from all across the Bard Network, as well as from other liberal arts colleges, converged in this academic conference, including six students from BCB (Lily Cummings, BA 2018; Danny Dubner, BA 2021; Alexandra Sisson, BA 2019; Veronika Rišňovská, BA 2020; Sabrina Slipchenko, BA 2020; and Claire August, BA 2020). The participants spoke about a number of pressing issues as viewed from an interdisciplinary lens, including the future of consent legislation, a defense of elements of the idea of global citizenship, race and language, clowning, and German refugee policies. This podcast includes original sound clips from St. Petersburg, an interview with Civic Engagement coordinator Xenia Muth, as well as an account of some of our brief adventures.

The St. Petersburg metro system, known for its beautiful stations (as described by Xenia Muth), is the deepest in the world as measured by the average depth of all its stations. (Credit: Flickr)

Songs and Sound Clips used:
1. “From Russia With Love” by Matt Monro

2. Original sound recordings from the Smolny Student Conference collected by Danny Dubner