Blaga Atanassova

Blaga AtanassovaBlaga Atanassova was born in Bulgaria on March 25, 1994, as the youngest of two siblings and, along with her family, immigrated to the United States in 2006. Ever since she began going to school, Blaga has loved discovering new places, learning new languages, diving into the world of ancient civilizations, and works of literature. She has spent many hours with her nose buried in books, or with her thoughts lost deeply into the world of the newest of what she calls “her creative writing projects.” Her passion for literature lead her to become a staff member of her high school’s literary magazine and her passion for history to become a volunteer at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Blaga is one of the contributors of this blog, coming to ECLA of Bard as a first-year exchange student, and very excited to be here and explore the newest place she has yet been – the beautiful city of Berlin!

Articles by Blaga:

  • A Letter from Annandale: A Letter of Goodbye
  • An Evening with Anton Chekhov
  • Evening at the Museum: Dr. Thomas Y. Levin and the Phonograph
  • Two Capitals: A Trip from Berlin to Dresden
  • Leipzig: Where the Magic and Music Happened
  • Impressions from the Jewish Museum
  • A Visit to Sachsenhausen
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