David Kretz

David Kretz David Kretz is a German-born Austrian in his fourth year of the B.A. in the Humanities, the Arts, and Social Thought and has studied in Vienna and Paris before. He has an interest in all things philosophical and political, and is currently thinking a lot about the meaning of a liberal education today, as well as, in the farm of his thesis, the translatability of moral concepts. He also enjoys train rides and silent movies a lot.



Articles written by David:

  • Aggressive Humanism
  • How A Conservative Rural Country Defeated A Far-Right Presidential Candidate
  • Passing Through
  • Welcome to a new semester!
  • There and Back Again
  • Rethinking Economics
  • Heidegger and the Jews
  • Why would anyone spend 15 hours on the S-Bahn?
  • An interview with alumnus Andrei Poama
  • The curious incident of the grey painting
  • Badiou parle
  • Playing Democracy
  • An Endeavour into Economics: ECLA Co-hosts the Minsky Conference
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