DEVILISH QUESTIONS – Ethical Conflicts in Biomedicine – Jens Reich’s New Audio-Book Published

ECLA students will recognize the combination: A solid understanding of the new possibilities in genetics and the age-old ethical questions, such as “What ought we to do and what ought we not to do?” Widely recognized in Germany for bringing science issues into public focus through prize-winning prose, Jens Reich continues his contributions to this vital sphere of public debate with a new audio-book on 2 CDs. The audio-book includes an overview of the history of genetics and an account of gene technology problems. It also covers the decoding of the human genome and addresses the issues of the dignity of man, moral dilemmas involved in genetic engineering and the responsibility of researchers.

ECLA is delighted to accept Jens Reich’s donation of a copy of Devilish Questions to its campus library. Additional information can be accessed through the Cologne based publisher suppose at For ECLA students, of course, the best way to keep in touch with the issues in bioethics is to sign up for Jens Reich’s elective courses at ECLA.

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