German club went beer tasting

ECLA of Bard German Club Beer Tasting
Photo by: Claire Pohunková

After a successful year of coordinating the German club at ECLA of Bard, David Kretz, a 2nd year student from Austria, has prepared a very exciting schedule for this year’s sessions. As participants in the second session, we were very quickly immersed into the German culture when we met in order to taste and discuss German beer. While we tried various types of beer coming from all over the country, sheets with descriptions of countless beer varieties were distributed. Later on in a collective effort, we read and translated to English German poems and short stories about beer. We also played German songs about drinking beer, namely the quite famous In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus (There is a royal brewery in Munich) from 1935. Singing unanimously this funny ode to beer with our poor German pronunciation definitely enhanced our appreciation of German culture!

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