Maggie Berke

Maggie_225x300Maggie Berke is a BA2 student, who has split her time evenly between Annandale and Berlin. Her interests include dirt, torrential rain, plants and stylized androgyny. Maggie loves taking emotional subjects very (very) seriously in writing. She dreams of living alone in a small apartment, drinking a lot of English breakfast tea and painting abstract water colors on small canvases. Until then, she keeps herself occupied with writing prose, poetry, and inventing the political ideologies of trees.

Articles written by Maggie:

  • 20 Reasons to Tell Them
  • Contemporary Materials: An Exercise in Artistic Freedom
  • 20 Reasons to Run Away and Never Come Back
  • Notes on Travel
  • Contradiction; On Death, Love and Family Portraits
  • Nights Beyond Techno
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    1. Hi Maggie – Just checking to be sure we’re still on for tomorrow’s lecture at 6 PM – please tell me where we should meet, etc. my cell number is 413-244-3662 Thanks. ps: I’m assuming this is at Bard in Annandale!

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