Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift Speaks at ECLA

Eleanor Clift
Eleanor Clift

On June 30th, ECLA welcomed Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift to our campus for a guest lecture about her extraordinary experiences as a journalist.  Eleanor Clift is a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine and appears regularly as a panelist on the nationally (US) syndicated talkshow “The McLaughlin Group.” Her column, “Capitol Letter,” is posted each week on and Clift has also appeared in several films, including “Independence Day,” “Murder at 1600 Pennsylvania,” and “Dave,” as well as the CBS series, “Murphy Brown.”

This guest speaker is the latest in a series of events and programmes through which ECLA challenges the idea that liberal education provides a refuge from the so-called real world.  ECLA’s programmes give students the opportunity to think reflectively while keeping their education relevant to international affairs, business and government. Texts by Sartre and Austen find their place next to ECLA’s Annual Conference, Business Seminars and special guest speakers like Eleanor Clift.

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