Senator Flierl and Mayor Kleinert Visit ECLA on First Day of Class

Dr. Thomas Flierl and Burkhard Kleinert
Dr. Thomas Flierl and Burkhard Kleinert

Dr. Thomas Flierl, Berlin’s Senator for Science, Research, and Culture, and Burkhard Kleinert, the Mayor of Pankow, visited ECLA yesterday afternoon. Flierl and Kleinert met with President Laurent Boetsch to discuss liberal arts education and learn more about the programmes offered at ECLA. They then attended an Art History lecture given by Aya Soika. Flierl took a moment to address the students in attendance. Referring to Wilhelm von Humboldt, he explained that general education actually has a long tradition in Germany although that may not seem the case nowadays when it is more common for German university students to specialize immediately in a particular discipline. He reiterated this point by drawing parallels between the meaning of the German word “Bildung” and the philosophy behind a liberal arts education. He closed by expressing his pleasure in visiting an institution that acquaints young people with the “joy and passion of lifelong learning.” After the lecture, Flierl took a tour of the campus and chatted with students, professors, and alumni at a small reception in House 70.

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