NEW ELECTIVE: Richard Shriver Exposes Students to Global Issues

Richard Shriver, Provost Emeritus, will introduce students to the broad debates involving international relations today in his new elective, “Global Issues: Politics, Economics, National Security and Laws.” Through readings and seminar lectures and discussions, students will acquire a basic understanding of key concepts in international relations. They will apply theory to reality during a weekly current events panel discussion where they will confront the same global issues that face leaders everywhere. Students will have the opportunity to attend guest lectures in Berlin by leading academics in the field such as Samuel P. Huntington. ECLA alumnus Florian Hoffmann (Germany, 2002-2004) will assist Shriver in teaching the course. Hoffmann studied at Duke University last year and is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Political and Social Science at Humboldt University.

Other new electives this fall include “The Philosophy of Transcendentalism”, “Theatre”, and “Platonic Concepts of Art: from Antiquity to the Present.” The courses will be taught by Tracy Colony, David Levine, and Aya Soika respectively. Complete course offerings for the upcoming semester are available online.

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