Video Installation Showings

Video Installations
Video Installations

Awaited by many, the video installation aspect of the Installation module finally arrived at Platanenstr. 98 on November 25th. This was a chance for students to practice editing skills as a new language. It was about understanding a new way of expressing ideas, with a different set of symbols.

The assignment was very specific: the video had to be a loop and could only be shot in one’s own studio, among other specifications. However restrictive this seemed at first, it then proved to be quite useful. The fact that it could only be made in the studio helped students to focus more on what language they wanted to use, instead of bumping into a perfectly shot video of still nature, streets and touristic places.

In this sense, some students focused on the formal aspect, creating a narrative of shapes and colors; while others focused more on the editing, a smart way to give meaning and to create a variety of messages with the same footage. The loop itself could be used to create significance as well, either because it generated different things each time or because it speaks, for instance, of recurrence in any given topic.

These Installation showings produced what was regarded as the best work so far for most students. The use of video media provided an encouraging perspective for these aspiring artists who have now to prepare for the final Installation exhibition.

by María Cruz (AY ’10, Argentina) 

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