Willkommen in Berlin!

Photo: Irina Stelea

Each year ECLA of Bard introduces its students to the city’s dynamic past and present, in an exciting and diverse 3-day programme led by faculty, staff, and alumni. This year’s large selection of walking tours presented new and returning students alike with the cumbersome task of making their choices. The programme featured a poetry night, a culinary walk, a stroll through the heart of Berlin, several gallery and museum tours, walks along historical sites and through Berlin’s parks and manifold neighbourhoods. For example, one tour led by faculty members Florian Becker and Kerry Bystrom focused on the Berlin Wall. It began with a sombre introduction to Berlin’s history at the open-air Berlin Wall Memorial. Guided by the two teachers, the students visited remaining original or reconstructed structures of the Wall, learned about the consequences of a divided Berlin and tried to picture the “Death Strip” that once inhabited the present stretch of grass. The tour ended on a more light-hearted note in Mauerpark, where the students listened to karaoke and got a taste of Berlin’s most famous flea market. For further impressions from this year’s Berlin Weekend, check out the collection of photos here.

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