Bringing Analog Photography Back in Fashion

photo - no caption needed (2)

On May 3rd and 4th, a group of photographically inclined and inspired students got the chance to learn to develop their own analog photographs. The film workshop led by Cătălin Moise (BA 2014, Romania) proved to be quite a success: a number of Bard College Berlin students learned over the course of two days how to print and enlarge photos in our very own dark room on campus. Our artistically experimental endeavor produced a variety of black & white prints, seemingly from an entirely different time period. In the process of making our own “vintage” images, we acquired skills in adjusting the focus and exposure of the photographs, as well as a better understanding of how the photographs can be chemically developed on paper. With the exponential growth of student visits to the dark room this week, it can only be presumed that the workshop had the favorable outcome of enticing people to dive into the “waters of photography” (metaphorically, as well as literally). We can thus hope that many more interesting black & white sights will be hanging in the dark room in the future.

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