Fiction in Berlin

I was always most secure writing from my own point of view, referencing small areas of the world that I knew inside and out. But in my fiction workshop, we focused on the point of telling: the point of telling is not about who narrates a story but from where they are speaking.

Choice and Chance: An Experiment in Creativity

Ten Bard College Berlin students set around the factory building tables on a Friday evening, each provided with only two dice, pen, paper, and twelve rocks they were curiously required to bring with them beforehand. As Laura Kuhn, the director of the John Cage Trust and the John Cage Ryoanji Drawings workshop leader took out a thick

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ECLA’s Christmas Bakery Workshop

Ingredients: Stefan, Philipp, and Bärbel, our wizard chefs who turn any recipe into a magically delicious dish; Enthusiastic students, curious about trying recipes from different parts of the world; Faculty members, already experienced in ECLA’s Bakery Workshop which has become a tradition; Children anxious to get their tiny hands into cookie dough; Mountains of flour,

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