Anca Daniela Boagiu, Minister of European Integration of Romania, speaks at ECLA

Anca Daniela Boagiu
Anca Daniela Boagiu

Alumnus Alex Nazare (2002-2004, Romania) invited Anca Daniela Boagiu, the Minister of European Integration of Romania, to give a special lecture at ECLA on November 26. Boagiu discussed the current state of Romania’s preparations towards EU membership and contemplated the future role of Romania within the European project. Addressing the, mostly Romanian, audience of approximately thirty students, she acknowledged the value of studying and working abroad but expressed hope that they would choose to return home with their newfound experience.

Nazare spent two years studying at ECLA. He returned to Bucharest in 2004 and currently works as a top-level aid to Minister Boagiu.

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