ECLA Choir Sings at St. Maria Magdalena

ECLA choir
ECLA choir

The mixed student-faculty ECLA Choir, led by their director Yvonne Frazier, performed at St. Maria Magdalena Church as part of a special Pentecost service.  Pentecost, called Pfingstmontag in Germany, is a national holiday and it commemorates the reception of the Holy Spirit by the twelve Apostles in Christian theology.

A group of ECLA students and faculty were also in attendance to observe the service and support the Choir. St. Maria Magdalena Church is located at 22 Platanenstrasse, in between student housing and the lecture halls. Although students pass the building every day, most had not had any previous opportunities to see the inside of the Church.  The event also gave them the chance to meet fellow residents of Pankow.

The Choir sang two songs in English: the popular spiritual “Kumbayah” and the American gospel song “This Little Light of Mine.”  The acoustics of the Church assisted the choir’s powerful performance.  The congregation showed their appreciation for the Choir’s musical efforts by applauding at the end of the service and personally thanking members of the choir afterwards.

by David Duncan (PY ’10, USA)

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