Why are we here?

Dear Bard College Berlin community, You are where you are today because approximately twenty-one years ago, three people had one idea. They had studied at top universities in the US or Great Britain, returned to Germany, and met while working at consulting firms. They were impressed with the education they had received abroad and expressed

An interview with alumnus Andrei Poama

I’m meeting Andrei Poama, a Romanian PhD candidate in Political Theory at Sciences Po in Paris, where he is working on theories of punishment. This fall he co-taught a class on Foundations of Moral and Political Thought, which I attended. He is also an alumnus of Bard College Berlin’s (previously ECLA’s) International Summer University of

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Bard-ing in Berlin

All through school my dad would reassure me that I was a “college person,” meaning that while maybe high school wasn’t the best, I would find whatever I was looking for in college. When I walked onto the ECLA of Bard campus, nearly empty—since I was a day early—I finally understood that he was right.

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