ECLA’s Christmas Bakery Workshop


Stefan, Philipp, and Bärbel, our wizard chefs who turn any recipe into a magically delicious dish;
Enthusiastic students, curious about trying recipes from different parts of the world;
Faculty members, already experienced in ECLA’s Bakery Workshop which has become a tradition;
Children anxious to get their tiny hands into cookie dough;
Mountains of flour, sugar, honey, cream, cinnamon, and all the ingredients needed to make delicious cookies, cake balls, ginger bread, and cake;
Music, laughter, and joy.

Mix all these together…

Knead the dough, sing, add sugar, laugh, decorate the cookies.

The result:

Delicious Christmas cake, innumerable sweet flavored cake balls, colorful decorated cookies, and a wonderful time.

Text and photos by Diana Pluti? (AY 2013, Romania)

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