ECLA Students Work with Prominent Romanian Faculty Member

Theodor Paleologu at ECLA
Theodor Paleologu

Through his numerous appearances on political and cultural talk shows in Romania, and through his writing as editorialist for the daily paper Ziua, Theodor Paleologu is a personality quickly recognized by many of his countrymen. His busy schedule includes teaching a full load of classes at ECLA and supervision of three Project Year students. Ionut Lacusta, for instance, who is a student from Romania, is teaming up with Paleologu to do research on non-regular armies and the political philosopher Carl Schmitt.

In the last year, Paleologu has also authored two books:

Sous l’œil du Grand Inquisiteur: Carl Schmitt et l’héritage de la théologie politique (Paris, Cerf, 2004)

De la Karl Marx la stenograme: Cronica anului politic 2004 (Bucharest, Curtea Veche, 2005)

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