ECLA Yearbook 2007

ECLA Yearbook 2007“We can do it!” – became a secret motto for the yearbook team. The meetings of the team began in the previous term, but the real work on the publication started just a few weeks ago, when the layout, design and content of the album were planned. The ECLA Yearbook 2007 promises to be different from all the previous years. Instead of a standard book with pictures of people and basic information about them, this year every student is given a chance to creatively present himself/herself through a short story of anything that took place during this year. “This is the best way to see one’s personality; one’s thoughts and ideas are what one is about”, said Anca Rujoiu (Academy Year 2007, Romania), one of the team members.

The work started with defining the format of individual student pages, where one can find basic information, some of the greatest pictures of him/her and the promised story. It took a while to get all the necessary information from the students. “Three more students are submitting their entries today”, reported Firuza Ganieva (Academy Year 2007, Tajikistan) on the yearbook team meeting on Thursday. In the rush of working on the final papers and projects, many simply forgot to submit their pieces.

Besides the regular profile section, in Yearbook 2007 one will find stories and pictures about every student dorm along with information about the smells and sounds associated with ECLA. The ECLA Events section will show all major and minor events of the year. Of course this article does not disclose everything about the yearbook. Now one can only guess about it, catching Anca taking pictures of people in strange poses against a white background, and other team members conducting strange questionnaires. In the last weeks of study the team is busy with compiling all the information received. The next step will be formatting and designing the pages, and creating a draft for the publishing house.

The Yearbook project supervisors, Yvonne Turaj and Alissa Burmeister, are major advisors, editors, contributors and managers of the project. Together with Yvonne and Alissa the yearbook team of four will produce the long-awaited Yearbook 2007 which will be handed out on the day of the Graduation Ceremony – June 20th.

By Nargiza Majidova (2007, Uzbekistan)

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