Hunting for Fun

“What’s on for tonight?” “The “Scavenger Hunt!” “Is “scavenger” a German word?” “Ah, got it guys! Wiki says that “scavengers are animals that consume already dead animals” ”OK, so we’ll be predators…” “What are we looking for?” “No clue” ECLA students were given ten creative tasks and cameras. Needless to say, hilarity and a great time ensued. We were supposed to be split into groups according to the dorm in which we reside. But eventually two teams were formed: W15 and W16 joined forces with a few people from K24 while the more numerous K24 welcomed other students as well. Yes, we like to mix it up.

And so the great journey began. First, we enjoyed the German hospitality after a man had no problem in entrusting us with his dog so we could walk it for a while. Then, a stop at Gasthaus Majakowski where talent for poetry with a sprinkle of humor and a touch of theatricality were showcased. All on film, of course. Next, we made our way to a playground next to a “Children are the future” billboard and made our music video debut in a post-modern tribute to the fantastic game of basketball. “And I wonder if Dostoevsky will join at all/ Basketball, basketball, unite us all!” Wiser words were never spoken and we have Asaad to thank for it.

Some Asian menus containing crispy duck and spring rolls were collected along while making our way to the Romanian embassy where yours sincerely proudly sang the national anthem in front of a crowded restaurant and her embarrassment was washed away by compassionate applause. People of Berlin, I am most grateful. We also shamelessly twisted the rules of a public bathroom, explaining our ideas of “un-etiquette”.

As we moved from task to task, teary-eyed from all that laughter and public humiliation and with the deadline in front of us, we rushed to the party room of K24 to shoot a scene from Dostoevsky’s “Demons”. Stavrogin’s malicious snicker and overall nihilistic attitude were included in Besir’s excellent performance as he “led” Gabriel by the nose.

The time had come to sit back and admire our oeuvres which would be judged by Alissa. Armed with ice cream and marshmallows, we rapturously applauded the efforts of the other team and marveled at everyone’s artistic abilities. In the end we were all winners – an enthused Alissa forgot to keep track of gained points. But not because of this did we emerge victorious; we had an eventful day which allowed us to get to know each other a little bit better through creative collaboration and teamwork. And the day was sealed off with some extreme dancing at a “Soul Explosion” party near Alexanderplatz. Oh, it’s good to be in Berlin…

By Catalina Iorga (ISU 2007, Romania)

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