Lolmythesis: BCB Edition 2020

This past Friday, BCB seniors handed in their final thesis project and celebrated with an online reception. Despite the online nature of the celebration, spirits were high and the seniors were ‘crowned’ as per BCB tradition. In this compilation, I asked current fourth-years to contribute to a BCB edition of Lolmythesis, in which contributors are asked to “sum up years of work in a single sentence.” These contributions, which range from the nihilistic to the absurd, are the products of dissertations that take years to complete. Check out the class of 2019 edition here

Hanna Bargheer

  • Why do Germans put everything in castles? 

From Palace to Public Space: Private Museums and Urban Reconstruction

Claire August 

  • I think novels are sort of useless, but I like them anyway. 

The Speech as Literary Form: A Narratological Analysis of Oratory and Persuasion in the Novel

Jude Macannuco 

  • Uber claims that flexible hours are fun and convenient, which is sort of true, but also they want to take over the world.

One’s Own Boss?: Contested Discourses in Digital Platform Labor

Veronika Risnovksa 

  • After my detailed analysis of all the problems of the German state theatre system, it turns out, maybe nothing is wrong, though I still think somehow Brecht is responsible for all our problems.

Freies Staatstheater: Attempts of Restructuring the German State Theatres for the 21st Century

Anna Zakelj

  • 40 pages about one glass ball in one renaissance painting.

The Sphere: Possibilities for Dissolution in Titian’s the Allegory of Marriage

Nele Pätzold

  • Art is the gate to salvation from democracy’s problems (and yes, you can feel it).

Spectator as Citizen: The Phenomenology of Performative Encounters

Pilar Petropoulos-White

  • I used the word longing on every page

The Century of Faith: Technologies of Re-enchantment

Mandula van den Berg 

  • Line dancing is for idealists.

Playing Cowboys: Imaginaries of 19th Century Amerika in East Germany

Stella Burke

  • A lot on Ed Hardy but doesn’t mention his clothing line once.

Body As Canvas: The Recognition of Tattoos in the Western World

Screenshot from the online thesis submission ceremony (Credit: Julian Thielman)
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