Elena Gagovska

protest photo

She is a third year Literature and Rhetoric student from Macedonia who will talk to you about politics to the point where you’d wonder why she is not in one of the Politics Programs at BCB. She gets riled up at protests and somehow ends up mentioning the Macedonian Colorful Revolution that she was a part of a little too often in her articles — it shaped her worldview or whatever. Over the past year, she’s mostly devoted her space on the blog for op-ed-esque political pieces, but she will try to write on other topics as well. She enjoys reading and writes fiction semi-regularly. She likes watching movies and good TV shows. She would be open to writing critiques of films created by artists on both ends of the quality spectrum. She would engage with artists ranging from Paul Thomas Anderson to Tommy Wiseau. She hopes that one day she would give herself enough of a break from political writing that she would actually end up writing about art and culture.

Articles written by Elena:

  • A Call for Internationalist Solidarity: On the Fight for Immigrant and Refugee Justice
  • “The best thing journalists can do today is listen more” – Alumna Aya Ibrahim on BCB, Deutsche Welle, Journalism and More
  • When Some of Your Closest Friends Graduate
  • With A Little Help From the Writing Center
  • “We did Not Feel We Belonged to the Same Europe as Them”
  • #MeToo: A Conversation We Must Not Stop Having
  • “Champ of the Camp”: A Documentary about Migration and Exploitation
  • I Have a Confession: I’ve Read “Submission”
  • The Political Landscape Post Charlottesville: Where Should Students and Academics Stand?
  • Anti-Militarist and Anti-Discrimination Activism: How Can We Foster a More Intersectional Discourse?
  • The (Political) Role of Artists: What Are We to Think of Radiohead’s Concert in Israel?
  • Pride Month 2017: Activism, Rainbow Capitalism and Right-Wing Queer Tokenism
  • Gala für Alle: Exposing the Fake Feminism of the 1%
  • An Urgent Reflection on a Crisis Back Home
  • Post Women’s Day Thoughts: On Formation of Structural Sexism in Macedonia and Elsewhere
  • “Trumponomics” and the Politics of Resistance
  • The Wait