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marga hattingh

She goes by Marga. She is currently enrolled in her second year at Bard College Berlin and hopes to graduate from the EPST program some day. But all that still seems awhile away. For now she is happy to be editing Die Bärliner and hopes to find time for non-academic writing when the mood strikes her.  She enjoys dark chocolate, green tea, wearing warm colors on winter days, smiling at people passing by, and life in general. She hopes you share similar interests.

Articles written by Marga:

  • BCB and PIESC in the Context of Migration and Integration in Germany
  • metaphors, metonymies, & anthropomorphisms
  • Welcome to a new semester!
  • Arts and Society in Berlin
  • The Budapest Diaries
  • Thinking Outside the Framework: Reflections on a Liberal Arts Education
  • Into the City and Out of our Minds
  • Just an Expression
  • Taking SAD Seriously: An Informational Article
  • On People and Poetry
  • You’ll Need More Than Good Syntax
  • Novemberlicht
  • My Induction into the Teenage Cliche: A poetry series
  • Discussing Dialogues: Why Plato wrote them, and why we read them
  • A Conversation with Norman Manea: Literature on Extreme Situations
  • Student profiles: Mais Hriesh
  • Stumbling Through: First Impressions from my First Month in Berlin