Berlin 2021 Lockdown Diaries: A Podcast on Culture from the Couch

A project devised by Ramona Mosse and funded by OSUN’s  Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network

Works by Miksa Gáspár, María José Sarmiento Isaac, Naama Simon, Shreya Shukla, and Evelyn Weiss.

What happens to Berlin culture during a year of lockdowns? In this community-facing initiative, Professor Ramona Mosse and a group of students went out to explore what the emerging digital culture of closed theatres, museums, cinemas, and clubs might look like on the ground. In this four-episode series, follow the cultural couch podcasters in their virtual journeys—sometimes alone, sometimes together—to places near and far to find out how we can re-connect with each other digitally from our own living-room couch. Whether at the Gorki Theatre or the Gropius Bau, or far away in Iceland, Scotland, or the US, they were surprised, sometimes critical, and gained a new sense of what cultural life had to offer and how it has adapted to the pandemic. Listen in from the comfort of your own couch, get some tips on digital culture outings, and join the virtual adventure! 

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