Lolmythesis: BCB Edition 2021

On Saturday May 23rd, BCB’s Class of 2021 held their online commencement ceremony – congratulations! An important step for graduation is the BA thesis project, which fourth-year students work on tirelessly.  This year they explored everything from art and nature, to democracy, to tragedy, to social media. 

In celebration of the completion of their theses (and the end of this chaotic and stressful process), Die Bärliner presents the third edition of Lolmythesis. Inspired by the original widely-known blog, we asked current seniors to summarize months and years of research and hard work into a single sentence. This resulted in some interesting spins on their thesis titles and subjects, and allowed them to look back at the thesis process with a bit of humor. 

Congratulations to the BCB Class of 2021! We wish you all the best for your future. 

Enjoy the Lolmythesis compilation:

Mátyás György Endrey (HAST, Ethics & Politics)

“I like going to parks, and dislike Orban.”

Real-estate development projects in public parks: a case of new-build environmental gentrification

Jessie Kao (HAST, Arts & Aesthetics)

“I can’t get over my crush, so I’m projecting my thoughts on love onto a renaissance painting.”

Till Death Do Us Part: The Arnolfini Portrait in relation to Faith, Innocence, and Time

Nafeh Kurdi (EPST, Economics)

“Most of my paragraphs end with: Brücker, Jaschke and Kosyakova (2019.)”

Refugees’ Impact on the German Economy: An Analysis of the Integration Process in the Labor Market

Roxanne Drewry  (HAST, Ethics & Politics) 

“Justify having a nice big barbecue to deal with your problems.” 

Breaking Bread Together: Food and Community in Moments of Crisis 

Océanne Fry (HAST, Double concentration in Literature & Rhetoric and Ethics & Politics)

“Europe mistrusts non-Western migrants and accuses them of lying rather than admitting that it’s racist.”

Corrupted Credibility and Asylum in the Aegean: The 2020 International Protection Act, Mistrust, and EU Border Mismanagement

Lucari Jordan (EPST, Double concentration in Economics & Politics)

“I applied a basic quantitative method to assess the effect of something which is well known through qualitative means and got an inconclusive answer because the method was ill fit to the problem and the proper method was too complicated to learn on my own.”

Economic Effects of Major Hydroelectric Infrastructure on International Riparian Communities

Charlene Batlle (HAST, Ethics & Politics)

“Here’s another Plato fan, Bard!” 

Reading Plato’s Republic in Cuba

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