[Kulturbahn #30] February 13th – February 19th

► Monday: Transmediale – Alien Matter


The theme of this special exhibition is neo-cybernetic connections between humans, creatures and technology. The featured artists tackle questions arising in today’s neo-cybernetic environment: Is the world gradually becoming “alien matter” due to a proliferation of artificially intelligent technologies, creating a tension between human and non-human forces?

  • When: 10:00-19:00
  • Where:  John Foster Dulles Allee 10, 10557 Berlin
  • Admission: 3€

► Tuesday: Inconvenient Narratives


What’s a better way to spend Valentine’s day than listening to Inconvenient Narratives at the Writers of Colour Reading Night? The reading series Black in Berlin offers space for people of all backgrounds to raise questions about and voice their experiences of marginalization. Black in Berlin takes an intersectional approach towards oppressive institutions, acknowledging the interconnection of racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism.

  • When: 19:30-21:30
  • Where:  Curious Fox Books – Flughafenstr. 22, 12053
  • Admission: free

►Wednesday: Anslem Kiefer Art Exhibition


Anslem Kiefer’s artistic works are primarily reflections of literary and poetic analogies. He offers an interpretation of other artists’ work in the form of painting. By translating literature onto a canvas, Kiefer adds a whole new dimension to the meaning of the written piece.

  • When: 11:00-17:30
  • Where:  Galerie Bastian – Am Kupfergraben 10, 10117
  • Admission: free

►Thursday: Intersectionality Reality Check – Panel Talk


Coined by the American civil rights advocate and scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw, the term “intersectionality” is crucial to today’s feminist discourse. As it is so integral to the contemporary conception of feminism, many involved in this discourse assume that the term is politically and socially understood. This, however, is not always the case. The panel talk by Natasha Kelly raises important questions about how one engages with and becomes aware of intersectionality in day to day life and how it is that the notion could escape the confines of academic discourse.  This discussion lays the groundwork for the definition of intersectionality with regard to its socio-political reality.

  • When: 19:00-21:00
  • Where:  Frauenkreise – Choriner Str. 10, 10119
  • Admission: free

►Friday: Berlinale – I Am Not Your Negro


If you are still contemplating which Berlinale screening to attend, Raoul Peck’s documentary is not to be missed! Peck transforms the unfinished literary work of the activist, poet, novelist, and playwright James Baldwin into the documentary “I Am Not Your Negro”. Baldwin died before he could finish “Remember this House”, which was intended as a “personal and historical treatise on black-white American race relations, tired to Baldwin’s experience with three iconic American leaders: Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,” who were all assassinated before reaching the age of 40 (Cleaveland.com). Peck uses only Baldwin’s unpublished poetic and meditative words in combination with a collage of photographs, film excerpts from 1950s-1960s resistance movements and today’s Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality. The documentary is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

  • When: 14:30
  • Where: Colosseum – Schönhauser Allee 123, 10437 Berlin
  • Admission: 11€

►Saturday: Joe Ramirez – The Gold Projections


Ramirez’s unique artistic technique involves projecting film onto circular, hand-crafted wooden panels, creating a surrealistic effect. The slow-paced films feel like animated, tangible paintings. He uses High Renaissance and Spanish Baroque painters’ works alongside cinematic influences. The artist’s fusion of silent movie scenes, images, and paintings immerses the audience in an imaginative world.

  • When: 11:00 – 18:00
  • Where: Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin
  • Admission: free

►Sunday: Breakfast at Helmann & Klee


This bohemian haven in the middle of Neukölln is the best place to have a late morning bite and a warm cup of coffee. Hellmann & Klee caters to all tastes and offers many sorts of nibbles – from home-baked pastries and breads, to jams and pancakes, to egg and avocado specialities and, of course, vegan/vegetarian dishes, you are sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.

  • When: 9:30 – 15:00
  • Where: Böhmische Straße 13, 12055 Berlin
  • Admission:
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