Two Short Films by Sopo Kashakashvili

3 Days, 3 Hours at Vineta

U Vinetastrasse, where this film was shot over the course of 3 days and 3 hours, was meant to reflect on the impression I had on my part, of the station being one that was somehow more noticeably cold, lonely, stark and quiet. I was taken in by that one constant presence of the bronze sculpture at the station, while everything around it was fluid, taken in, gathered and released by time. It is around that dialogue and conflict between constancy and temporality that this movie was shot, highlighting everyday moments and experiences that signify to the subjects something that is part of a complete, complex construct, something that is lived, lived through, and comes about through having lived already.

The film was made for Paul Festa’s class on documentary film making.


Seen By The Blind

First year, first steps and most importantly a whole new phase in life. This short animation is a process within itself. Even though it is only 1 minute and 55 seconds long, I never thought it would be given any importance or there would be someone who appreciated this blink-of-an-eye experience of my first work. There is an idea, there is a thought and definitely an effort, yet I would prefer it to be open and always in the process of growing. It’s all about different phases after all.

This video was made for Claire Lehman’s Conceptual Art class and will be screened at the Boddinale film festival in Berlin on Saturday, February 14th, 2016, 5-11 pm.


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